Information about our guest marinas

Handelsbanken’s Staff Foundation has owned Långbäling since 1993 and its maintenance is managed by Handelsbanken on behalf of the Handelsbanken's Staff Foundation. Långbäling belongs to all of us. We hope that everyone who visits Långbäling participates in its conservation. The guest marinas are available for Bank staff who arrive in their own boat.

Contact the staff when arriving (see contact details below). Boat guests pay a daily marina fee (SEK 200 for each boat) by Swish (1234536801) on site. Please text a message to the staff with your userid, number of passengers and the duration of your stay.

Boat guests can use the sauna and other facilities on the island. Below, please find a number of simple rules to remember:

  • The sauna is located in the Southern marina.
  • Showers are located next to the sauna.
  • There are a number of toilets on the island (see the map of the island)
  • Barbeques in the marinas and by the main cabin may be used (empty char coal before and after use)
  • Fresh water is available in Guest Marina North (limited water supply)
  • Shore power (230v) is available in Guest Marina North
  • Buoys in Guest Marina North: three buoy stones weighing 3,000kg, eight buoy stones weighing 1,000kg
  • Buoys in Guest Marina South: three buoy stones weighing 1,000 kg (natural harbor)
A general rule is that all guests clean up after using a facility (i.e. sauna, shower, toilet, barbeque etc).
Storstugan (the main cabin) is primarily available for guests renting a cabin. Please contact the staff before use.
We who look after Långbäling are Bernt Gartne and Kristina Gartne. We are employed by Handelsbanken and are tasked with looking after Långbäling and making sure everything works. We are always on site during the guest season, but sometimes we need to leave the island temporarily to run various errands.
However, we are always available by mobile phone: Bernt +46 70 733 89 69, Kicki +46 70 214 88 03