Välkommen till Långbäling

Come visit the Stockholm archipelago

For Handelsbanken employees

Rent a cabin and spend a weekend or week on Långbäling with family or close friends.

Långbäling is owned by Handelsbanken's Staff Foundation. The island offers all employees an enriching experience of nature, culture, harmony and community in a fantastic location in Stockholm’s southern archipelago. Together we take care of Långbäling so that many more can enjoy coming here.

Something unique for every season

Långbäling is classified as a nature reserve, and over the 1.5 kilometres of the island’s length, the scenery shifts from wild forest, rocks and sandy beaches, to open spaces. This also means that Långbäling can offer something for every season from spring to autumn. You can pick berries or mushrooms, go swimming, for a boat ride or fishing. There are a number of footpaths and plenty of space for play, games and exercise. There are many bathing places, so you can swim and sunbathe while still avoiding the crowds. At Långbäling we also offer theme weekends. 

Good to know

Here we have gathered information that can be good to have before your visit to Långbäling.