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Taxi boat booked in advance

A chartered taxi boat departs from Askfatshamnen, Dalarö. The boat ride takes about 30 minutes. See the timetable below.


Askfatshamnen Dalarö (NOTE! not Hotellbryggan)

Askfatsvägen vändplan

137 70 Dalarö

Directions to this location
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Taxi boat timetable

Week 16 - 24 (weekends)

From Dalarö, Friday From Långbäling, Sunday
19:00 16:30

On Sunday June 18, 2023 the boat departs at 10.30 am from Långbäling.

Week 25 - 33 (Sunday to Sunday)

From Dalarö, Sunday From Långbäling, Sunday
10:00 10:30

Extra trip to Långbäling on Thursday June 22, 2023 (19.30) from Askfatshamnen in Dalarö.


Week 34 - 43 (weekends)

From Dalarö, Friday From Långbäling, Sunday
19:00 16:30


Own boat

If you have your own boat you are welcome to stay at Långbäling’s guest marina with buoys. Anchoring is not permitted around the island.

Långbäling’s GPS coordinates: N 58°59´49´´ E 18°23´16´´

Map of Långbäling

To make it a little easier for you, we have made a map of Långbäling's areas and services.

Map of Långbäling