Activities for development

Activities for all occasions

Whether you’re visiting Södergarn for a conference or you’re here on holiday, there are plenty of activities to choose from. Contact us and we’ll tell you more.

Activities for productive meetings

A suitable activity during the conference can create a sense of team spirit, strengthen the aim of the meeting, motivate the participants, and make the meeting more memorable. We can tailor activities to your preferences. Examples of our popular activities include be your own Chef, kayak excursions, and pentathlons.

We collaborate with Öppet Hav that can offer a wide range of activities.

A moment alone

After a day of meetings, talks and group exercises, a bit of physical exercise might be nice. We recommend that you try Södergarn's Health Trail.

Södergarn's Health Trail

We know that those who are active come up with better ideas, take on more challenges and have the opportunity to live a long and healthy life. Too much inactivity leads to a number of negative health effects. For example, the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental illness, cancer and premature death increases.

At Södergarn we, together with Handelsbanken's occupational health care, have started a Health Trail to make it easier for you to move around when you are at Södergarn. Talk to us and we can show where the Health Trail and other running tracks in the area go.

Outdoor life on Södergarn - all year round

Södergarn's surroundings offer endless opportunities for activities and outdoor life all year round. Take a dip in the sea, go kayaking, pull up a trout or laze on the pier. There is also tennis, boules, billiards and a gym. In winter there are both ski trails and slalom slopes nearby and after skiing you can enjoy the sauna.

Södergarn tennis

Kayak rental

Södergarn's kayaks are available for rent for Handelsbanken's staff. We have five single kayaks and a tandem kayak. We provide life jackets and instructions.

Half day (4 hours) SEK 100
Full day  SEK 200
24 hours SEK 300