Södergarn Tennis

On Sunday, May 1st, 2022, we will open our tennis courts again

The courses are booked through MATCHi.

As a member of Handelsbanken IF, you can rent a course for only SEK 100 per hour and book an appointment 14 days in advance (see below). Others pay full price and can book appointments seven days in advance. To enter the courses, you need a code that will be emailed to you in connection with your booking. The code is changed automatically every day.

Member of Handelsbanken IF?

Then you can apply for membership in Södergarn Tennis. The application is made in MATCHi and is checked against Handelsbanken IF's member register. This can take a few days. A tip is to apply well in advance of your first play. Before your membership is confirmed you can still book and play but at full price.