A marvellous culinary experience

Food is a key element of a conference and something you shouldn’t have to think about. You can focus on your meeting, and we’ll handle the rest. In our restaurant, you can sit back and relax, enjoy and recharge.

The season’s finest ingredients

We cook all of our food from scratch and are deeply committed to quality. Using the season’s finest local ingredients, we create delicious and memorable dishes. For lunch, we serve a large and diverse buffet with a focus on a healthy selection. For dinner, we have more of a focus on fine dining.

Our own bakery

Our bakery serves fresh baked bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And when it’s time for coffee, we serve our popular cinnamon buns and other tasty treats.


No problem – we’re used to adapting our dishes. Talk to us before you get here.

Tasteful activities

Add an extra spice to your stay with us and book a tasty activity such as wine and cheese tasting.